carpet cleaned

Carpets and rugs are an essential part of any home, so here are some tips to keep them hygienic and free from stains.  They add style and colour to each room. Your carpets are like your home’s interior “fashion accessory” that accentuate the lifestyle of living in the Northern Rivers N.S.W. and on the Gold Coast Qld.

Like any great interior fashion accessory, they require care and regular cleaning to keep them looking like the pièce de résistance, clean, fresh and providing comfort and protection from grit, dirt and other damaging elements.

Have you even considered those unusual places like your bathroom and toilets?

It is important to clean your carpets on a regular basis preferably at the very least annually.

If you have light coloured carpets where your children and pets both spend the time it becomes necessary to clean them two to three times a year to keep them looking and feeling great.

Before cleaning your carpet, it’s important for your professional carpet cleaner to know and understand your carpet, as well as having a thorough understanding of manufacturer’s guidelines because every carpet material has different cleaning likes and dislikes. It’s about you getting the best possible results and life out of your carpet.

Here are some common tips you can use when it comes to your carpet stains and their cleaning otherwise, a simple stain can lead to irreparable damage:

  1. Act Quickly: Fresh stains are easier to clean from carpets and rugs than but if you let them just dry.  Letting them dry makes cleaning difficult and can also cause damage the material and fibre. When you have liquid spilled on your carpet, be those juice, wine or whatever take immediate action otherwise it will soon sink down into your fibre, underlay and rug backing. Blot up the excess and give your carpet cleaning professional a call for advice that jst may save the day and added expense for you.
  2. Cleaning Products: Different stains can react in unusual ways with chemical solutions that people commonly used for carpet cleaning, and not always in a good way. You need to understand the products you use and ensure that one recommended and designed for all purpose cleaning. This will reduce the chances of chemical damage to your carpets.
  3. Professional Cleanings: Some people say that professional carpet and rug cleaning adds additional cost to the household upkeep, so they avoid calling expert cleaners to clean their carpets. Truth is, the damage you or your pets can do to your carpet by cleaning them yourself is far more than the cost of hiring an expert cleaner who knows how to get the best from your carpet for you. Have you ever seen this go bad on a very expensive rug? Carpet’s not cheap to replace so if you can extend the life of it, why would you even think twice?


  1. Avoid deodorizing powders: Even if you think that these powders make your carpet smell nice it is not the right option for cleaning your carpets or rugs at all. Deodorizing powders cause great harm to carpet materials and can even lead to gunky build up not to mention harbouring germs.
  2. Faulty cleaning equipment: Sometimes faulty cleaning equipment becomes the reason for the biggest amount of damage. Cleaners need to service their equipment regularly so that it cleans your carpets well without harming it.

If you keep in mind all these tips, the life of your carpets and rugs will be improved and they will accessorise your home for a long time to come. All carpets come with cleaning guide from the manufacturer so keep these handy and always follow those particular steps for cleaning. Every carpet material demands unique products for its perfect cleaning and one must offer great care during selection. Professional carpet cleaning is one of the most beneficial solutions to save the life of carpets

If you would like to book in to get your valued home carpet and rug ‘fashion accessories’ on a schedule give us a call now. Mention this article and we’ll give you a 10% discount as a newly valued customer.