If you have a pet cat or dog and it lives in your home chances are one day it’s going to have an accident on your carpet, rug or furniture. 

It may even happen in your car,  caravan or boat.

The key to any accident is how to fix it without causing more damage.

Here are some tips and information about what you can do and what not to do.

Firstly if you catch the pet in the act your first instinct may be to try and wash it out.


Firstly try to soak it up with a cloth or paper towel and then using fresh paper towel put something like a brick to try and draw it out of the carpet.

After this, if you have a product that will break down enzymes you can use this only if it is safe to use on carpets.

If you try and wash it out you will only make it worse.

Urine crystallises when it goes into material or carpets.

The moment it gets wet or you get high humidity it off gases. IE smells.

The moisture sets off the crystals and the smell starts.


Woman with pet on rug

A tenant has vacated a rental property and unbeknown to the tenant her cat has been depositing urine in several places over a period of time.

The tenant cant smell the urine due to the fact that her sense of smell is accustomed to that environment.

It is called old factory syndrome and is the reason people with body odour can’t smell it.

Any way upon vacating she gets the carpets cleaned and the new tenant walks in to ??

You guessed it a house that smells like an old toilet.

This is because the cleaning process has set off the crystals.

I the carpet cleaner to blame?

No, he isn’t to know that the urine deposits are there.

So what to do.

The crystal needs to be killed off.

It can stay active in your carpets for up to 5 years if not treated.

We have a unique product that kills off the crystal and will remove any staining that has occurred.

Wool carpets are the worry here.

If you have woollen carpet chances are the urine will leave a sulphur stain.

In most cases, it can be professionally removed.

NEVER rub wool carpet, you will permanently distort the fibre.

Blotch, blotch and blotch.

I have seen severe cases where an animal has been depositing over a long period of time and the carpets cannot be saved.

Remember…if in doubt call a professional.


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