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Spilt coffee or wine?

Northern rivers carpet and upholstery cleaning provide carpet protection as an added service in conjunction with our professional carpet cleaning services.

The carpet protection barrier is applied once your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned.

It adds a coating to your carpet and forms a barrier around the carpet fibre.

The protection barrier stops dirt and dust from getting into the fibre preventing it from being destroyed.

It also acts as a barrier with spills being prevented from absorbing into the fibre allowing for a window of opportunity for the spill to be mopped up.

In conjunction with our VIP call back for customers that have had their carpets professionally cleaned by us it is a great way to keep your carpets fresh and clean.

Benefits of carpet protection:

  • Dirt and dust sitting on top of the carpet fibre and is easily vacuumed off
  • Carpet protection will extend the life of your carpet and rugs.
  • Carpet protection keeps your carpet cleaner longer and will achieve better results come cleaning time.
  • Factory stain resistance will wear out over time with usage and vacumming.
  • It is designed to extend the life span of your carpet whilst also extending the time between professional cleans.
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