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We use two different carpet cleaning methods.

Upon arrival we will perform an inspection on your carpets to decide the best method.

We can use hot water extraction which is the world’s leading method of carpet cleaning.

We can also use dry cleaning that will not wet your carpet.

No. We are a local family business with 15 years experience.

Generally they will take about 2 hours to dry. This can vary due to high humidity and woollen carpets.

No they are not.

A stain is something that has penetrated the fibre. The removal of the stain can depend on the length of time it has been there , if someone has tried to remove it with an unsatisfactory product or what the stain is from. For example orange juice stains can never be removed due to the acid in it.

A spot is different. It is generally caused by a spill or something that has attached itself to the fibre and over a period of time dirt will stick to it.

These are generally easily removed in the carpet cleaning process.

No. Northern rivers carpet cleaning with do a thorough vacuum of your carpets prior to cleaning.

Yes. All of our products are of the very highest quality and are non toxic, safe for children and pets, bio degradable and phosphate free.

Call northern rivers carpet cleaning.

We will give you free advise on how to deal with the problem.

Please remember not to use any household cleaners on your carpets or furnishings.

This could do irreparable damage.

If it’s in the middle of the night and we can’t be reached it always pays to have a bottle of soda water around to try and flush the spill out.

If in doubt call .