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One of the most common problems northern river carpet cleaning comes across is odour.  This is a huge problem for most house holds with young children and indoor pets.

Before we get to the solution let me explain a few important facts about odour:

  • Number one is bacterial odour.  This is very common with young children and can be caused by food attaching itself to carpet or upholstery fibres or things like drink spills.  Simply anything that bacteria can grow from.

We have a simple equation:  SMELL = BACERIA. so NO BACTERIA, NO SMELL

When you have your carpets or upholstery cleaned by Northern Rivers Carpet Cleaning we as an added bonus to you will sanitise your carpet or upholstery for FREE, leaving your carpets and upholstery fresh and odour free.

  • Number two is pet odour.  Maybe your beloved pet has been accidently locked in your home or has taken a liking to a certain furnishing or area of carpet.
    These are very common scenario’s that produce urine odour.

Firstly what causes the odour?  When a pet deposits urine on a lounge or carpet the urine will crystalize.  Once you get high humidity or the area wet the crystal will start to “ off gas” is smell.  This crystal can stay active for up to five years if not treated.  Your pet may have deposited numerous times without you knowing, you have your carpets cleaned and within a few hours or days the smell of urine has appeared.  This is because of the moisture that has been applied to you carpets whilst the cleaning process has been performed

The good news is it very treatable once the deposits have been located.  Once located the deposits can be treated and the crystal killed off.

Please note that there is extra charges relating to the removal of pet odours.

Northern rivers carpet cleaning cannot be held responsible for pet odours that have appeared after cleaning.

Urine stains.

Urine contains sulphur and can leave a nasty stain on your furniture or carpets.  In some instances it can be removed quite easily due to the stain resistance in carpet or the protection on the furniture, but in other scenario’s it can be permanent.

Whilst we have different products for stain removal things like woollen carpet can stain permanently.

Once you have described your problem to northern rivers carpet cleaning we can do a thorough inspection at no cost and advise of the best way to solve the problem.

Please note that not all urine odour can be removed.

Where there has been multiple urine deposits over a period of time the only solution may be the removal of the underlay and carpet

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