100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We at Northern Rivers Carpet Cleaning have the solutions for your rug problems.

Have the kids trashed the rug in the playroom?

Has the dog had dinner on your very expensive hand made rug?

Or do your rugs just need a freshen up?

Northern Rivers Carpet Cleaning has two different options for the cleaning of your valuable rugs.

  • The first is to clean your rugs at your home, possibly in conjunction with getting your carpets or upholstery cleaned.  This option is best suited for low cut short pile rugs that are generally synthetic in nature.  These rugs will be pre-vacuumed and spotted for stain removal and thoroughly cleaned as you would for cleaning carpet.
    We can also clean any mats that you have on site.
  • The second option is to have the rugs taken off-site for treatment and cleaning at our specialised rug cleaning facility.  This is especially designed for handmade, shaggy, and woolen rugs.  It is also designed to treat any staining or odour problems that have occurred.

We will inspect your rugs, give you a set price and pick your rugs up.

They will then be thoroughly cleaned by an expert with 15 years experience and then delivered back to you with a 100 % money back guarantee. Contact us for our mat & rug stream cleaning services, focusing on care & attention to detail in Brunswick, Ballina, Lismore, Northern Rivers to Gold Coast.