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Upholstery Care
100% money back guarantee

Do you know that having your lounge suite cleaned will actually make it last longer?

What we will do is ask you what your concerns are in regards to your upholstery and give you solutions that will solve your problems.

Currently, we have a Special Offer

We will sanitise your lounge suite for free after a clean, killing all bacteria and mould.

This is a great offer if the kids are sneaking bikies on the lounge or the dog or cat has taken a liking to your lounge.



We also offer fabric protection for your furnishings.

  • Fabric protection acts as a barrier between the fibre and the spill or dirt.
  • Fabric protection allows you a window of opportunity to blotch out the spill before it soaks into the fibre..
  • In conjunction with our VIP call back for customers that have had their upholstery professionally cleaned by us it is a great way to keep your upholstery fresh and clean.
  • Upholstery protection also allows for the easy removal of dirt and dust by the customer extending the time in between cleans.

At Northern Rivers Carpet Cleaning we offer affordable and competitive pricing.

We have no hidden fees that will take you by surprise and the only additional service that we provide is upholstery protection which is an optional extra.

Our pricing also includes FREE sanitising and our VIP Spill offer.

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